Decluttering Basics

Updated: Jul 22

Where to begin?  You walk through room after room shaking your head, wondering how on earth you accumulated so much stuff!  Everyone has that same thought.  It can be daunting but not impossible.  All you need is a system.  Take it one room and one area at a time.

I like to start with closets.  It gives me a real sense of satisfaction to see it completely organized with only the things that I need.  Of course, I’m an organizer so it’s no wonder that such a simple thing makes me happy!

Let’s pick a bedroom to start this process.  Empty out the closet.  One thing you need to keep in mind is that it has to get ugly before it becomes beautiful.  The room will be a complete mess with the entire contents of the closet spread out on the floor.  It’s OK.  Now you can see what you’ve been storing in there.  You probably found things that you forget you even owned.  

Go through the items one by one.  Make 3 piles as you work - KEEP,  DONATE/SELL, and TRASH.  Be honest as you sort.  If you’re holding something that you haven’t seen in 2 years, it needs to go.  If it’s in good condition, sell it at your yard sale or donate it.  If it’s of no use to anyone, throw it away.  Whatever you do, don’t pack it up and take it to your new home.  It will just wind up at the back of the closet again.

The most important thing is to stay focused.  Turn off the phone and the TV.  Work as long you can but give yourself a break when you need it.  You might feel like working for just an hour at a time.  No problem.  Do what makes sense for you.  Work on small areas that you can finish in a short amount of time.  That way you won’t feel so overwhelmed.

After the closet is sorted move on to the room itself.  Go through each piece of furniture, drawer by drawer or shelf by shelf.  Before you know it, the first room will be completely decluttered.  


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