Do I Really Need A Stager?

Yes, you do.  Staging isn’t only for the rich and famous.  It is for every home, every time.  

I am amazed at the number of listings that I see online with dark, dreary images of homes in total disarray.  Cluttered kitchen counters, overstuffed closets and bedrooms, dirty bathrooms with the toilet seat up.  Note to all agents:  PLEASE put the lid down before you snap that picture!  

Compare staging your home to selling your car.  If you had to sell your old car before you buying a new one, you would do everything you could to make that car appealing to a buyer.  You would wash and wax the exterior, clean and shine the tires, add new wiper blades, etc.  The interior will be detailed until it looks as close to showroom new as you can make it.  If you put that much effort into selling a car, why would do anything less for your most expensive investment?

Detail that house!!  Clean it from top to bottom.  Pretend that you expect a visit from the nosiest person you know, who will tell everyone how filthy your home is if they find even a speck of dust.  THAT is how clean your home should be for the open house.  

Remember that buyers will want to see everything.  They will check the windows for water damage and to see if they operate properly.  They will open the dishwasher (where have I heard that before?) and the oven, refrigerator, washer & dryer.  Anything that comes with the house will be inspected.  They want to know what they’re buying.  

Prepping your home takes a lot work but it’s worth it because it will help you reach your goal of selling your home as quickly as possible and for the most money.

Thinking about selling?  Talk to a Home Stager first.  I just happen to know one…


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