My House Looks Fine!

Updated: Jul 22

Does it?  Maybe your friends think your collection of 100+ pairs of salt & pepper shakers are the cutest things ever.  They completely ignore those smudges on the wall (you have 2 dogs after all).  That wobbly banister gives the house character, doesn’t it?  Well… not really.

The way we live in our homes is not the way we should sell them.  An excess of collectibles, dirty walls, and fixtures in disrepair are not what buyers want to see.  Visual clutter (yes, that includes your beloved salt shakers) is a distraction that takes the focus away from the house itself.  It can be overwhelming to some, making rooms feel smaller than they are.  If you don’t bother to clean your home and make simple repairs, buyers will wonder what else you’ve neglected.

When preparing your home for sale leave nothing to chance.  Thoroughly clean every nook and cranny.  Repair that banister, tighten or replace doorknobs (especially the front door), replace the washer on that dripping faucet.  Everything should be in good working order.  If you can’t repair it, replace it.  I’m not suggesting a major renovation but make sure that the basic components are working well.  If the walls can’t be cleaned or show obvious signs of wear then it’s time for a fresh coat of paint.  Wood floors should be refinished if necessary - a job best left to a professional.  


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